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Data Governance: Operational Controls to Protect Personal Information

Updated: Jul 10

Here's a presentation on Data Governance I gave to the Sydney IAPP KnowledgeNet Chapter today.

IAPP Lunch and Learn_Sydney_Data Goverance_TW360_Final
Download PDF • 1.33MB

The key points:

  • Data is both an asset and a lability for an organisation, and different parts of an organisation will have different perspectives

  • Data governance is a necessary, organisation wide capability requiring co-operation to be effective

  • Emerging and current technology can significantly uplift the maturity of data governance quickly

  • Some areas to start with:

    • Data scan to create an organisation-wide data (and PI) inventory

    • Establish a cross-organisational data governance forum

    • Stop collecting and stoting unnecessary sensitive data such as identity documents, use ID&V providers

    • Understand the data risk of third parties involved in delivering services to your organisation

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